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Lesson Levels


Parent/Child: Parent/Child is recommended for children ages 12 months to 3 years and teaches water orientation by combining swimming skills with parent/child and instructor interaction.

Level 1: (ages 3-7) An introduction to basic aquatic awareness and safety using breathing drills, blowing bubbles, floating and kicking.

LEVEL 2 (ages 4-7) and FLOUNDER (ages 8-11)

Level 2: Continued development of basic breathing, kicking and self-propulsion. Children can typically perform some independent "dog-paddling" skills. (ages 4-7)

Flounder: Emphasis on kicking, breathing and self-propulsion with introduction to arm movements and floating on front and back. (This class is Level 2 for older children - ages 8-11)

3-FISH (ages 4-7) and MACKEREL (ages 8-12)

3-Fish: Introduction to rotary breathing, freestyle, and backstroke. (This class is a Mackerel class for children under age 7)

Mackerel: Introduction to rotary breathing, freestyle, and backstroke with continued development of aquatic awareness skills. (ages 8-12)

Cod: Emphasis on freestyle and backstroke technique with introduction to breaststroke and butterfly. Student work on swimming 50 yards. (:45 minute lesson) (ages 9-14)

Blue: Development and refinement of all strokes with introduction to competitive swimming starts and turns. Basic water safety and rescue skills are introduced. (:45 minute lesson) (ages 9-14)


Program Policies and other helpful information: None of our levels use flotation devices that are attached to the swimmers. Noodles and Barbells are employed as instructional aids and confidence builders. Goggles are highly recommended for students in Mackerel, Cod and Blue lessons. All lessons, except Cod and Blue levels, are 30 minutes in length. Only the Cod and Blue levels are :45 minutes in length.